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Physical Therapist in Guttenberg

Guttenberg NJ Certified Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist in Guttenberg

Physical Therapist in Guttenberg

You’re probably familiar with the idea of physical therapy, but if you’ve never had it before, then you might wonder why you would need it. At The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, we’re pleased to offer you expert physical therapy services. Some of the many benefits of physical therapy include muscle strengthening, increased range of motion and flexibility, as well as improved power, endurance, and stability. Our physical therapist in Guttenberg can assist with general pain management; recovering from surgery, an injury, or an accident; or with specific diseases such as MS.

The way that physical therapy works is that you will engage in stretching, massage, heat, muscle stimulation and/or physical exercises that are specially tailored to improve your injury or illness. Our physical therapist in Guttenberg will craft a strategy that is right for you. You’ll be putting in the physical effort, of course, but you can expect the advantages of expert guidance, motivation, and assistance in developing the proper form to do your stretching and exercises the right way.

Physical therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies including pain medications, osteopathic manipulation, and therapeutic injections. Your physician and/or physical therapist will help determine the best plan of care for you.

You can feel completely confident that you’re working with a certified professional, experienced and highly skilled. Our physical therapist in Guttenberg is your partner in your rehabilitation. It is our highest goal to relieve your pain and to have you functioning at the level you desire.

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