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Physical Therapy Office in West New York

West New York Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy Office in West New York

Physical Therapy Office in West New York

There is no doubt that physical therapy is a safe and effective way to recover from a variety of health concerns. At Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we understand that when your daily routine is affected and you are unable to live your life in the way you want to, it can be enormously frustrating. Our physical therapy office in West New York is focused on helping you to reduce the level of pain you feel while at the same time improving your ability to move normally.

Physical therapy is a general term, but it also is quite specialized, with our physical therapists specializing in working on specific health issues. Just a few of the things for which our physical therapy office in West New York can be beneficial to you are neurological problems, sport injuries, back pain, neck pain, wound care, orthopedic issues, and concerns related to cancer. Specialties may also include working with people of a certain age, such as with children or the elderly. Other situations that might cause you to need physical therapy are arthritis, surgery, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

When you make an appointment to come to our physical therapy office in West New York, you will have an examination and a discussion about your symptoms, your daily tasks, and your goals. This information will then be utilized to craft and individualized plan of treatment for you. Goals will often include better movement of joints and greater flexibility, strength, stamina, coordination, and balance. Of course, reducing pain and swelling is also key to achieving the desired results.

Exercise is a major component of physical therapy and this may encompass walking, stretching, and weight lifting. But our physical therapy office in West New York will also incorporate methods such education, the use of both cold and heat, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, and ultrasound in a concerted effort to affect the best outcome for you. Exercising on your own could also be used as part of your treatment plan. While it is perfectly natural to avoid pain, sometimes mild soreness and swelling are a part of physical therapy and enduring a bit of discomfort can be helpful in the long run.

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